Sunday, 25 March 2012

A note to fellow bloggers

I learn, via Leg-Iron, that some cock-sucking shit-eater has decided to post a comment under my name.

Naturally, this does not amuse me, although the over-riding emotion is one of pity for whatever streak of cloudy piss finds in such subterfuge the validation for their otherwise futile and sordid existence.

To my fellow bloggers, therefore, I must warn you, that if you find a comment under my name, it may be from someone else.

UPDATE: I see I am not alone in dealing with this particular virus. Thus:
Angry Exile


Bill Sticker said...

Yes, Trooper. He's been pissing down my back too, and Pat Nurse and a few others. It's annoying, but will rebound upon him. Adding you to my blogroll as a mark of solidarity.

Longrider said...

TT I've added you to the round robin.

Trooper Thompson said...

Ta, Real Bill. Will reciprocate.

Cheers Real Longrider.

James Higham said...

Time and multiple IPs are going to sink him. It's a slow process but he knows it's coming.