Monday, 9 April 2012

Tory betrayal moves from tragedy to farce

My fellow bloggers Autonomous Mind, Calling England and The Quiet Man have all covered this, and no doubt many others too, once they've pinched themselves, checked the date-line isn't 1st April and quickly moved through various emotional stages of disbelief, consternation and rage, before settling down to comment of the latest abomination to issue from the Save-The-Planet-Nazi section of the political establishment.

The plan itself, which involves the state preventing people replacing their household boilers or undertaking home improvements unless they hand over additional money for 'green improvements', such as additional insulation or whatever else these delusional regulatory fetishists deem appropriate.

It is, I would say, very clearly not the work of the current government, by which I mean that collection of jostling egos at Westminster, but rather the permanent government which we rarely see - the zealous control-freaks who festoon the ministries, who never need face the people, who take their orders not from us but from the next highest lacky in their insulated demi-monde. Certainly the hand of EU can be seen, no doubt with the usual mailed glove of British government 'gold-plating' - the term used to euphemise taking ludicrous rules from Brussels and amplifying them to show additional contempt for the people of this country.

My advice to the Tory MPs; go back and read a few of the statements you made in opposition. Refamiliarise yourself with the image you then wished to portray. Note the references you no doubt made to small government, reducing bureaucracy, standing up to Brussels, even, some of you, individual liberty, because it is such phrases as these which will be your indictment and, hopefully, your epitaph.


Goodnight Vienna said...

Thanks for the link, TT. I don't know if you've looked at the front page of the DM online today but the whole lot looks as though it was printed on 1st April. From computers that monitor your posture & coffee breaks, state pensions being taxed at source, millionaires flying around in space to avoid paying UK tax, to the think-tank's report that we have too many Bank Holidays which are adversely impacting on the economy. Madness.

Longrider said...

This is frightening. I will do as I did before and call in the chap who did the improvements to my home last time. He works part time on the side.

I refuse absolutely to waste money on this green crap.

Trooper Thompson said...

No worries GV. You're right about the loopy reality we're living through.


I suspect that one of the aims of this proposal is to go after tradesmen, and that it will include draconian penalties for any non-compliance and powers to snoop and phish.

Michael Fowke said...

Agree with Longrider. It's just green crap. A total fantasy.

Michael Fowke said...

The comments are great on the Daily Mail piece as well.

Fausty said...

Terrific post.

Be sure to buy your new boiler with cash.

bob k. mando said...

completely OT, but i think you may like this:

Trooper Thompson said...

MF, I laughed at the one comment defending it, and the mass of negative votes it had accrued.

Ta, Fausty.

I agree Bob, pretty interesting and completely OT! I think I've stumbled over her before some time.