Sunday, 20 May 2012

I thought rugger would be more your thing, David

Cameron truly is the heir to Blair, as he hams up his common touch, in this G8 summit photo-op.

"Hurrah for Chelsea! Qui audet adipiscitur!"


cuffleyburgers said...

Truly vomit inducing, what an utter utter c*nt.

Anonymous said...

Chavtastic. All he needs is a tattoo on his neck.

This bloody moron has wasted more than two years now - he has squandered what little faith Conservative voters had in him.

Might as well have Labour back - same policies but at least we can complain.

ANDY5759 said...

I can vouch for the fact that DC doesn't know a thing about football, he's a Villa supporter. (So am I).

As for the photograph; I see it as more a bit of Jingoism than footie-ism. There is an expanded version somewhere else online which shows others, including Barosso, their expressions tell you just what they think about England. Or am I being paranoid?

Trooper Thompson said...

Andy, I noted those expressions, but I put it down to Cameron being an annoying twat.