Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I'm glad I'm not a Tory ...

... It means I can look myself in the mirror and at least know, obscure and inconsequential my life no doubt is, at least I'm not guilty of supporting shit like this:

The Deputy Prime Minister will announce a sweeping “social mobility strategy” intended to break the grip of middle-class families on the best-paid jobs and the most highly regarded universities.

In his most strident remarks on college access to date, he will tell universities to recruit students “on the basis of an ability to excel, not purely on previous attainment”.

Ministers will aim to ensure that children born into working-class homes can find better jobs than their fathers held, amid evidence that “a large number of professions remain dominated by a small section of society”.

Mr Clegg will announce that the Coalition’s social policies will be rated against 17 new indicators, ranging from babies’ birth weight to adults’ job opportunities.

Opening the best colleges to working-class students is essential to create a country “where what matters most is the person you become, not the person you were born”, he will say.

Secundo Proverbs 26:11 "As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly", only in this case, the dog returneth to some other mangy cur's spewings, that being of the last government, the red party, who are expected to come out with this kind of lunacy of overbearing, interfering social engineering with the thinly-veiled hatred directed at the middle class. The ironies, of course, start with DP Nick Clegg, a silver-spooner if ever there was one. What the fuck he knows about the working class, could probably once be written on a fag packet, if it wasn't now all taken up with photos of cancerous lungs and smack needles.

Seriously, Tories, what the fuck are you worth? Because of your stinking loyalty to that bunch of snooty traitors, whose policies might as well be dictated by the ghosts of Sidney and Beatrice Webb, we're all well and truly lumbered.

If you can't save the country, at least save your own souls and GET OUT OF THAT PARTY!


cuffleyburgers said...

TT - Clegg isn't actually a Tory (mind you neither is Cameron by any reasonable measure) - he's jus a jumped up prick who talks shit trying to convince everybody that he really is as important as his mummy thinks he is.

He is in fact a loathsome traitor who in happier times would have found his privates nailed to a Rutland tree, and his arms & legs variously and individually despatched to Brussels, Madrid, Berlin and Rome.

By the way these remarks should not be construed in any way to be an incitement to violence...

Trooper Thompson said...

Clegg isn't a Tory, but he is part of the government maintained in power by Tories.

cuffleyburgers said...

That is also true and he is still a c*nt.

Single acts of tyranny said...

So University applications forms will now read

"Was your mother a brainless whore who took cocaine daily when pregnant and thus meant you had a low birth weight?"

If yes, welcome to Oxford!