Tuesday, 29 May 2012

MP in expenses scandal; in other news bear shits in woods

I can't be arsed to even raise an eyebrow to the latest candidate for the stocks on Westminster Green, Baroness Warsi.

I don't really care.

What does anyone expect?

Can we, peradventure, quit imagining politicians to be any better than us, recognise that they are not, and stop putting so much power into their hands?

The advantage with this would be that we could return to what we are biologically supposed to be: ADULTS!


Anonymous said...

I resent the implication that, in expecting legislators not to defraud us, we are hypocritical. I never falsified an expense claim in thirty years in business. Not once. And I incurred many expenses I never claimed. I am asking no more from these politicians than that. If the allegations prove to be true, Warsi belongs in gaol.

Trooper Thompson said...

Feel free to resent, but I made no such implication. Throw the book at her if you want, it just doesn't interest me personally, and certainly doesn't surprise me.

The main point I was making is that the state is far too powerful and over-bearing, and petty corruption scandals should serve to remind us how foolish we have been to allow it to break out of all the limitations placed upon it over many centuries.

James Higham said...

And that's the whole point - to get us to the point we just accept it.