Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Something stinks about the Houla massacre

From my armchair research station, using a battery of resources, such as skepticism, suspicion, gut instinct and having seen it all before a number of times, I conclude; at the very least we are being spun a line on this Houla massacre.

War is a very dirty business, and the coalition ranged against the Syrian government, including the suicide bombers of Al Qaeda, is just as capable of committing atrocities as the Ba'athists, and in this particular case, has a stronger motive.


Single acts of tyranny said...

My thoughts precisely. Have they decided to do something and are running this as cover/justififcation?

BJ said...

I don't think that anyone has a handle on this - government, shabiha thugs, or just rebel forces stopping any peace settlement.

Life is so cheap to these people.

I'm sure of one thing though - the western invested interests will be in their trying to influence somewhere - it would seem that TPTB want a change of regime - yes, another change of regime in another be-devilled country.

andy5759 said...

I saw some footage of alleged explosions caused by artillery fire. It did not look too realistic to me. I smell something fishy.

James Higham said...

The bottom line is though that people are at the mercy of thugs and anyone can be massacred at any time in that place.

Trooper Thompson said...

Yes, but James, there's the aspect of what we are being told by the establishment media, and the agenda of various interests. We have to be on guard for stories used to manipulate public opinion into acquiescing in foreign wars.