Wednesday, 30 May 2012

WTF on steroids

As Jackart puts it, here is 'today's "fuck off" moment: the discovery of a monstrous cabal in the heart of government. No, not the Bilderberg Club, meeting this weekend in Chantilly, VA, I'm talking about something perhaps even worse:

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image

Jackart writes:
It's one of those moments when you realise the political class is so far from understanding the concerns of the people that you feel we're doomed. The politicians neither understand the limits of their power, nor understand appropriate causes on which to deploy it.
How else to rationalise this insanity?
Schools should hold lessons in body image and self-esteem, MPs said in a report on Wednesday which said that children as young as five worry about their appearance and weight.
The crushing irony is that it is the state - as ever - which has done more than anything else to foster and nurture this attitude in young children.

Hat tip to Dick Puddlecote for reminding me.

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