Sunday, 3 June 2012

Vile, puritanical anti-smokers bleat about death threats

The hateful scum of the anti-smoking lobby are turning to a new weapon in their campaign of control. Using the pretext of a few colourful metaphors employed by online commenters, they are attempting to portray themselves as victims.

Personally, loving everyone as I do, I try to steer clear of making violent threats, even when I am sure no one would take them in any way seriously, because I know that such things can, by being taken at face value, be fitted into a definition of a crime. Even though I believe in free speech, unlike the vermin of the anti-smoking lobby, I think if we can avoid having to enter into tedious defences of statements which can be branded as violent threats, but are obviously not, all the better. Also, why should we sink to their own, pitiable, misanthropic level?

What the puritanical oxygen thieves of the anti-smoking lobby are attempting with this agenda is to portray those who oppose their control-freakery as part of a conspiracy of nuts run by the shadowy 'Big Tobacco'. In this way, they draw a line between those who oppose the codification of their anti-smoking OCD and everyone else, including themselves with everyone else. So the majority in the middle, between on one extreme ASH and the other the fine, upstanding people who actively hate ASH and everything it stands for, is found on the puritan side.

"Kill them all" - the evil genius behind 'Big Tobacco' unleashes his assassins

But we know, dear readers, who the real extremists are, and where that divide should be demarked - between the vile, insane, puritanical, control-freak nannies from hell of the anti-smoking lobby and most of the rest of the people, who, whether they smoke or not, understand that it is a matter for the individual in a free society.

The puritans do not, as we know, believe in free will or a free society. They do not believe that adults are capable of deciding for themselves, hence their attitude to advertising and anything which, by twisting the definition until it's facing backwards, can be called advertising. They do not, of course, want to engage in a rational debate, as this would mean having to defend the outrageous lies, half-truths and distortions of their cod-scientific quackery, and thus they have nothing to gain from such a debate, and happily for them, the establishment media treats their every utterance as if it came down from heaven.

The anti-smoking puritans are probably making a mistake to claim victimhood, and pointing the finger at certain bloggers, a number of whom publish detailed analysis on just how dishonest, deranged and coproplenic the anti-smoking lobby is.

Hat tip: Longrider


The Filthy Engineer said...

you'll have noticed I presume that they don't allow comments on that article. I wonder why? Maybe they're afraid that quite a few of us could tear that garbage to shreds.

Trooper Thompson said...

Aye. Free debate is like holy water and crucifixes to those vampire scum.

Dick Puddlecote said...

"The puritans do not, as we know, believe in free will or a free society"

They also - as has been made strikingly clear by this example and others - don't believe in freedom of speech. Well, only on their side, anyway.

Anonymous said...

"Even though I believe in free speech, unlike the vermin of the anti-smoking lobby.."

And they try to suppress the rights of others too.

Trooper Thompson said...


they are driven by the pure zeal of the puritan, and can countenance no 'evil' (i.e. people who disagree with them)