Friday, 1 July 2011

What governments do best

That being: finding innovative ways to destroy bonfires of our money on schemes that don't work and were never needed. In this case, I'm referring to £469 million of our money, vapourised by the Department for Communities and Local Government which handed over £469 million of our money to contractors on a project to regionalise fire services. According to El Reg and The Graun (same article):
"It terminated the contract in December 2010, seven years after it began, and spent at least £469m with no IT system delivered and eight of the nine new regional control centres remaining empty and costly to maintain. The only one being used is in London, with CLG subsidising the lease payments."
... It's difficult to verbalise my feelings about this, but the picture below is a great help. I stare at it and imagine that it is not the poor, deluded Robert-Fran├žois Damiens, but rather the Whitehall mandarin in charge of the FiReControl project.


Anonymous said...

Yet they still carry on the same madness but this time with coastguard stations.

Trooper Thompson said...

Why would they not continue, when there is never any comeuppance?

bring in the horses!